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Moroccan Lanterns, Moroccan Chandeliers, Moroccan hanging Lantern, Moroccan Patio Lanterns

Thank you for visiting our Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan chandeliers store. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call our toll free number at 1800-314-4876.

Providing natural and artificial lighting to a room can be done artistically with the use of lanterns from Morocco. Lighting is one of the most important, yet neglected, aspects in home designing because doing the slightest ant most mundane activities and tasks will not be possible without it. The beauty of a home which has efficient light will receive more appreciation and recognition by the persons living and visiting it more than a house with insufficient lighting. Fluorescent lights and bulbs may work very well to provide lighting to illuminate the home. However, using these Moroccan lighting materials may become dull and ordinary. You can explore on more creative ways to decorate your home with other materials such as chandeliers made of shells or opt for the more classical style.

This is where Moroccan lighitng can come to the picture. Lanterns that are made from galvanized metal, mosaic brass and crystals are guaranteed to last the test of time. They may be old materials but they are proven to be of top class quality and are sturdy. While it is good to maximize the amount of natural light which may enter the home, using artificial means to provide light carry the same importance. Exquisitely designed and hand crafted lanterns can add beauty to any room of your home. Specially designed lanterns can be placed on the patio, foyer, living room and dining room as these areas are only some of the most populated places in the home. A piece of Moroccan lantern can help fuse classical design into a modern home without sacrificing its beauty and uniqueness.


Put a little spark and do away with the old-style and standard lamps you use to provide more lighting to your living room or bedroom. Ditch these old forms of lamps and lamp stands with Moroccan lamps which provide a more dramatic effect on these areas of the home. Wrought iron frames have been handcrafted and designed in such a way that the light from inside artistically shines through them. Women artisans of Morocco cover these wrought iron frames with sheep or goat skin that were drawn with intricate patterns using henna paint. Colorful shades are painted together with the henna drawings to provide a more artistic design. In addition to this, you can choose from among equally beautifully handmade ethnic and table lamps. Some of these lamps are tall enough to stand on its own in a corner of the room while others can be placed on top of a table. A unique accent you can do is to set up an Agena lamp inside one of the corners of your bathroom. They will surely set a different Moroccan vibe into this almost-neglected part of the house.

In these modern times, you can still play with patterns and colors to supply light with the use of Moroccan chandeliers. There is no limit to what you can do in decorating and beautifying your home as long as you put in a little creativity and resourcefulness when looking for even the little pieces of furniture, accent, lanterns and lamps to put inside the home. You can go all Moroccan or you can mix and match Moroccan-inspired architecture with the modern style. When planning how to set up the interiors of your home, consider even the minutest of details so that everything will fall according to what you have imagined it to be. Moroccan lamps do not have to be the main attraction; however, they will surely be able to add flavor, vibe and elegance to the house of your dreams. This is the beauty of these lighting designs, as it will definitely create wonders in your home.

Should you have any questions regarding any of our Moroccan chandeliers, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to assist you in any way we can.

Moroccan Lantern Facts

Did you know that you can get one of your Moroccan lighting fixtures to work with an electrical setup instead of with a standard candle? You can do this by ordering an electrical kit to work for your lantern. This kit will be designed to fit into the body of your lantern. You can use this to insert it into your lantern without any additional wiring considerations. The fact that a lantern manufacturer can make this to fit your country?s specific lighting standards will work especially well considering how your standards are probably different from what people use in Morocco and other places in Northern Africa.


This kind of special kit will feature a design where you can get your lantern lit up without any additional wires in the process. You will only have to use the materials that come with the electrical setup. You will have to place them inside the body of the lantern but it will typically involve the need to just open the door to your lantern without having to add anything else to it. It will cost about fifty dollars to get one of these kits in most cases but it should be good enough for most types of Moroccan lamps. This could prove to be very valuable for your needs if you have a lantern that you want to use but you don?t want to risk dealing with candles that might be tough to use and might cover your lantern as they melt after a while.Moroccan Lanterns News















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