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Moroccan Furniture

Moroccan furniture has become more and more popular. With its colorful flair and mixture of different ethnic influences – from Arab, Berber, African and Moorish Spain to name a few – it is a cornucopia of cultures that have meshed well to provide a look that is both spectacular and adventurous. This beautiful decor includes a heritage rich in designs passed down for centuries from one generation to another making their furnishings and accessories works of art that are sought the world over.
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Taking its cue from its surroundings of the sea and the desert, Morocco has developed a style that mixes colors, textures and materials to produce some outstanding furnishings and home decor that make dramatic statements everywhere they are used. Using primary colors of the rainbow – red, blue, green and yellow – Moroccan furniture adds pizzazz as well as practicality to any home. The beauty of it is that it will go well with other decor such as modern or contemporary and complement them adding some spice to the neutral tones usually found in those themes.

Moroccan decor can be used with other traditional styles as well – it already has a strong Mediterranean flair to it but it will also blend well with some European or Asian furnishings as well – blending ethnic senses together into one melting pot of style. With bold looks in their furnishings and bolder colors used as accents on the furnishings as well as on walls or flooring, Moroccan decor brings out the best of any furnishings making them more appealing and certainly getting rid of anything that is boring or humdrum!

With Moroccan furniture you can add bright rugs that are in vibrant colors in geometric patterns that will complement wood or tile floors. Often these rugs are used as a wall ornament making it look like a painting rather than an area rug that is generally used under a dining room table. Other accents are the colorful embroidered silk pillows used on sofas or chairs or in a bedroom to tie colors together or complement them with other pieces in the room.

Moroccan decor also includes dramatic henna or more traditional lamps that add touches of whimsy and making a room feel more comfortable and not as formal. Their decorative tables and hand painted pottery – vases and urns – offer beautiful ways to hold plants or flowers and create natural settings that add life to a room. Terracotta pots are often used inside and outside to add decorative touches and of course mosaic Moroccan tiles are extensively used in homes both inside and out. Tiles can be found in fountains, counter- tops or flooring or as attractive borders in bathrooms or kitchens or on table tops in the kitchen or on the patio.

So you don’t have to go to Morocco to find Moroccan furniture although it is surely a trip of a lifetime to see the artisans hard at work designing and perfecting their beautiful wares that have been inspirational in making homes spectacular for many years – and will continue to do so for many more.

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